Lely Aircon B.V.

Описание фирмы:

The former Aircon GmbH & Co. KG is now trading under the name Lely Aircon B.V.! Since March 2012, we have become a 100% daughter of the Lely group. The Lely group is a Dutch agricultural company and market leader in automatic milking systems.

Адрес:Am Emsdeich 7, 26789, Leer, Deutschland
Phone: +49 (0)491 45444-84
Fax: +49 (0)491 45444-85
+49 (0)491 454 10-0
+49 (0)491 454 10-26

Описание продукции:

From the entire development, over the production as well as providing spare parts, our Lely Aircon small wind turbines are designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of the wind industry. Thereby we focus on safety and high engineering standards, to provide you the perfect high quality product for your needs.

The design and engineering is always in alignment with the DIN EN 61400-2 and our products are certified. In that respect we are working together with certification institutes with a high reputation, like the Germanische Loyd (GL) or TuvNel.

Please contact us and learn more about the possibilities and opportunities in your country.

Convince yourself about the quality and manufacturing of our products and make an appointment for a factory tour in Leer, Germany.