Energy Resource Development Inc. (E.R.D.)

Описание фирмы:

E.R.D. — это компания из города Квебек в Канаде, специализирующаяся на производстве оборудования для альтернативной и возобновляемой энергетики.

Our MISSION is to provide consumers with innovative electrical energy alternatives. We endeavour to provide solutions regarding power failures, power fluctuations and renewable energy.

Мы с гордостью представляем наши ветровые турбины марки  Windports™ , которые источником возобновляемой энергии, имеют низкую стоимость и не загрязняют окружающую среду. Они являются результатом многолетних исследований и разработок в нашей компании.

We are always looking to add key players to our distribution network. Interested parties must be prepared to work within the high standards set by Windports™ and ERD.

Адрес:14250-A, Boul Labelle Mirabel, Quebec Canada


Описание продукции:

After more than four years of extensive research and development work, and with the collaboration of the N.R.C. (National Research council of Canada), Optilog ran extensive wind tunnel tests in October of 2000 on a new model of turbine windmill, the WindPorts™. Furthermore, this unit got perfected, thanks to intensive modeling works using the C.F.D. methodology (Computerized fluid design). This revolutionized unit has been already patented, and 5, 10 and 20kW units are installed or been manufactured around the world.

Several of the previous units have been installed around the world, especially in Brazil, the Netherlands and Quebec. We even offer to those long time users to benefit from the latest developments that the WindPorts™ offers.

Since the end of 1999, we have started the set-up of a manufacturing facility for the WindPorts™ units in the province of Quebec.

The WindPorts™ is now the only windmill functioning with turbine principle

Solar energy solutions are also available at ERD Inc. Whether as a primary alternate source of power or for a back-up system, we can design a system to meet your needs.

Solar panels:
We can install a variety of solar panels to suit your needs. Usually used to recharge the batteries in a back-up system; solar panels are also very efficient as a part of a hybrid system, combined with a WindPorts windmill, or a generator.

The performance is dependent on the sunlight hours available at your location. Let us help you determine the feasibility of solar panels to supply the required power.

The solar panels offered by ERD are the best in the trade and are very competitively priced.

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