Elsewedy Electric

Описание фирмы:

Established in 1984, Elsewedy Electric is one of the biggest cables and electrical products manufacturers in Middle East and Africa, providing fully integrated energy solutions.

Having more than 30 production facilities in more than 14 countries Worldwide.

Exporting a wide range of high quality & safe products to more than 110 countries around the world (Africa, Middle East, Europe and the Far East)

Elsewedy Electric has become a significant contributor to the economic growth in Egypt through its development into a well-established group with extensive holdings, both locally and beyond borders in several other Middle Eastern & African countries as well as some European & Asian countries. With the goal of providing our customers a one-stop solution in terms of Designing, Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

Even during lean economic times, Elsewedy Electric has been able to maximize its commitment to improve efficiency by ensuring that its management possesses the expertise and talent necessary for the most critical business needs and has thus succeeded in maintaining a solid financial position.
Therefore, the group has succeeded in becoming, a global leader in cables manufacturing, a regional leader (MEA region) in terms of energy solutions and its related services. All these in addition to: introducing the concept of Energy Management in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy use, thereby reducing costs.

Адрес:Plot no. 27, 1st District, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Cairo–Egypt
Tel: + (202) 27599700/ 1
Fax: + (202) 27599731-27599726

Описание продукции:

The TWT is a multi-pole synchronous variable-speed wind turbine with direct drive (gearless) and pitch controlled.

It has two reversible three-phase electronic power converters and an advanced robustQFT control system that enables it to control active and reactive power, optimizes its aerodynamic efficiency and increases power quality and reliability.

Its software adapting the performance to customer requirements and site characteristics

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