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Our goal is to deliver quality services and proven products from within the Renewable Energy industry in the most efficient manner possible. We are here to introduce and mainstream the solar micro hydro and wind electric industry by assisting all home and business owners in integrating solar/wind/hydro power for existing energy needs and a clean energy future. Like the power systems we sell, we have designed our services to be as efficient as possible.

Адрес: Str: Petresti Nr:17 510184 Alba Iulia Romania
Tel : +40 258 818 081
Fax : +40 358 814 580

Описание продукции:

We have solar, wind and hydro installation and construction associates, dealer affiliates, renewable energy advocates, and a legacy of customers all over this sun-drenched country. Renewable energy systems, particularly solar photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and micro hydro energy systems,  are more often accepted way of producing power in most other parts of the world already. Whether it’s an apartment building in Germany, an office building in Australia, or a wildlife preserve in Zaire, or even a research station in low-light but heavy-wind Antarctica, solar, wind and hydro power are very familiar and proven technologies to much more of the world than one might think.