ABS Alaskan

Описание фирмы:

About ABS Alaskan, Inc.

Founded in 1988, ABS Alaskan, Inc. and its Anchorage subsidiary, Alaska Battery Mfg., have maintained an unwavering committment to providing quality products, impeccable service and sincere respect for their customers.

Since our inception in 1988, ABS Alaskan, Inc. has continued a thirty-year tradition of excellence to establish ourselves as the premier source in Alaska for batteries, alternative energy and remote or mobile power products.

We have two distribution centers in Alaska: Our Fairbanks headquarters and Alaska Battery Mfg. in Anchorage. Both locations are staffed with well-trained personnel eager to provide you with the fastest, friendliest service north of the equator. We love what we do and it shows.

Our website exemplifies our dedication to providing comprehensive support and information to our customers. From the informational sections, which allow you to learn virtually everything you need to know about alternative energy and designing home power systems, to our comprehensive online store, absAK.com is designed to be your one-stop-shopping source for alternative energy needs.

With the growth of our internet business, we have expanded our ‘brick & mortar’ locations to include a new Distribution Center in Renton, Washington. The Renton warehouse will allow us to deliver orders at lower cost and improved response time to our growing number of customers outside Alaska.

Over the years, we have remained dedicated to our philosophy of providing uncompromising quality in product, technical expertise and customer service. As a result, we have developed an undisputed reputation as the Alaskan experts in our chosen fields.

Адрес:2130 Van Horn Rd, Fairbanks, AK, United States
ph:(907) 451-7145
fax: (907) 451-1949

Описание продукции:

Фирма продает (не уверен, что производит) весь спектр оборудования для альтернативной энергетики:

— солнечные панели;

— солнечные коллекторы;

— ветровые электростанции;

— гидротурбины;

— инверторы;

— контроллеры;

— аккумуляторы;

— светильники и все остальное для монтажа электро-систем.