XEMC Darwind BV

Описание фирмы:

XEMC Group, established in 1936 as a manufacturer of electric motors and generators, with headquarters in Xiangtan, Hunan Province, is one of the largest manufacturing complexes in China.

XEMC Windpower Ltd. was China’s fifth largest manufacturer of wind turbines in 2014. With the 2MW direct drive technology, which originated from the Netherlands, XEMC have built up a sustainable position in the Chinese market with more than 1500 wind turbines already installed since 2006. Based on the 2MW technology XEMC’s product portfolio also includes 2.5MW direct drive wind turbines.

Seen the company’s drive to become a global supplier and services provider of both on- and offshore multi-MW Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generators, XEMC Windpower’s acquisition of Darwind has been a logical step. The alliance is a boost to the rapid development, prototyping and series production of both onshore and offshore turbines. Field experience and hard data, technological know-how from both countries and the assets of a very strong & ambitious parent company are now combined into one: “Dutch design integrity & Chinese industrialization power”

Адрес:Franciscusweg 219-F 1216 SE Hilversum
T: +31 (0)88 115 15 15

Описание продукции:

Darwind’s parent company XEMC has been producing onshore direct drive wind turbines since they acquired the Z72 direct drive technology in 2006. The Z72 was rebranded, improved and today more than 1500 onshore XE-series Direct Drive wind turbines have been delivered by XEMC Windpower.