Описание фирмы:

The MTorres group was designed and developed as an industrial group, qualified in advanced technology to develop high-complexity innovative solutions in industrial process automation for the problems our customers may have.

Currently, MTorres Group has managed its products to be present in over 70 countries with more than 620 customers.

The M.Torres Groups has a clear spirit for growth and expansion, as proven by the fact that all its economic results have been re-invested in it throughout its history. From the beginning, the Group refused to distribute dividends in order to increase its technological resources and activities, which enabled to allocate such a significant amount to this activity.

Starting with the design of automated systems for manufacturing wind turbine blades, our technological capabilities have successfully completed the design, manufacture and installation of state-of-art wind turbines. Our experience has included the design and implementation of the industrial process required for a wind turbine manufacturer with innovative technology, as well as development, design and installation of experimental wind farm bringing high added value.

Адрес:Calle Larraizko, 31119 Aranguren, Navarra, Испания
Phone (+34) 948 317 811

T +34 948 317 811
F +34 948 317 952

Описание продукции:

M.Torres Desarrollos Energéticos S.L. (MTDE) was established in 2003 with objectives characterized by the following activities:

  • Planning, procurement, construction and operation of facilities for producing electricity from wind energy, within the context of an industrial project intended for the development of state-of-art technology wind turbine with direct drive and multipolar synchronous generator.
  • Implementation of research and development activities within the wind energy technology and field of application.

Currently MTDE continues to develop wind projects, enabling the installation or demonstration of innovative technology developed by the MTorres Group, with the goal of reducing overall generation costs, and with the strong belief that wind power can be more competitive in relation to other traditional sources of energy generation.

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