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LEITWIND is a manufacturer of high quality and reliable wind turbine generators.  The company prides itself on working closely with each customer to address his/her particular needs. The intention to ensure maximum quality has lead to an increasing virticalisation of production to fully control the production cycle. LEITWIND’s objective is to directly take care of every detail, ensuring that design ideas are translated into concrete results. The company’s outstanding production standards result in the production of safe and reliable wind turbines LEITWIND’s manufacturing activity benefits from the competencies in metal fabrication and assembly and electronics production as well as from the unique skill set of the employees that the HTI Group has acquired over the last century.

Sterzing, Italy

The offices in Sterzing, Italy, house the Research and Development, procurement, sales, project management, product care, and customer service departments.

Telfs, Austria

The Telfs production plant produces mainly tower head components, such as generators, hubs and main frames. To meet the growing demand, production capacity was recently doubled, while also creating the facilities for the production of the next generation 3.0 MW-generators. Also based in Telfs is the LEITWIND test center.

Chennai, India

Our Chennai facility is a joint venture between LEITWIND and Shriram EPC. This brand new plant with a staff of over 400 employees covers our Asian markets with a capacity of up to 250 units per year and includes our proprietary in-house rotor blade production.

Адрес:Via Brennero, 34, Vipiteno, 39049 BZ, Italy
Ph: +39 0472 722 111
Fax: +39 0472 722 586

Описание продукции:

With nominal capacities ranging from 0.8 MW to 3.0 MW and a choice of rotor diameters and generators, there is no project demand LEITWIND cannot cover. Please consult the LEITWIND sales and project engineering team when choosing the perfect turbine for the climate, wind and terrain conditions of your particular project.

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Michael-Seeber-Straße 1 6410 Telfs AUSTRIA

Tel: +43 (0)5262 62121
Fax: +43 (0)5262 62121 3180

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LEITWIND Shriram Manufacturing Ltd.

D-17, Sipcot Industrial Complex,
Gummidipoondi — 601 201, Thiruvallur Dist.
Tamil Nadu INDIA

Ph: +91 (0) 44 2792 6000
Fax: +91 (0) 44 2792 4944

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LEITNER — POMA of america Inc
2746, Seeber Drive — Bldg A
Grand Junction — Colorado, 81506

Ph: +1 970 241 4442
Fax: +1 970 241 3023

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