Описание фирмы:

Bornay appears in the early 70’s under the direction of Juan Bornay, and today it continues to be a family firm, now in its second generation.

The entire manufacturing process of the small wind turbines is performed manually in a plant that, nevertheless, is equipped with the latest technologies as regards machinery.

In order to obtain the standard of quality offered by Bornay, every machine undergoes an exhaustive control of quality, unit by unit. In this way both our customers and the  final consumer are assured of the high quality and long durability of the machine.

The production plant has the machinery required to manufacture and assemble all the parts of which the wind turbine is composed, and combines this technology with the necessary manual processes to obtain the final product: small wind turbines with powers of between 600 and 6000 W.

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Описание продукции:

Bornay, the leading company in the manufacture of low power wind turbines. We are pleased to see that you are visiting our web, and we hope that in it you will find everything you are looking for and more.

With more than 40 years in the market and in its own particular sector, Bornay preserves tradition in manufacturing its most valuable asset, its small wind turbines, with the craftsmanlike care that it deserves.

Bee 800 wind turbine is designed to work in parallel with solar systems. The combination of a wind turbine with a solar photovoltaic system guarantees a stable energy production in almost all weather conditions.

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